woohoo!!....it's the weekend

Not much creating happening here ATM to busy to stop and smell the roses.....I could probably make time if i didn't think so much.....so looking forward to hubby being home this weekend.....going to make some time to be creative we have our little one's christening in 2 weeks so need to get that dress made...yes i know I've left it a bit late but to tell the truth I have been a little scared to cut up that expensive fabric but I'll get on to it later today.
I have a scrap booking class tonight so that should get the creative juices flowing, will share some pic's of the page over the weekend....
I'll stop whining now

Happy Creating



Mandy said...

woohoo..i agree....love the weekend....i just love that little crocheted bonnet you did ...so adorabe...xxx

Maria said...

Thanks...had fun making it...once i worked out how...find it hard to read patterns as i wasn't taught with patterns and mum taught my in Italian so a bit hard to translate when stitches have different names.
thanks again