Where have I been, you ask....

Well i'm back ..I know it has been a while .
We took our family holiday to the coast early this year mainly to save money on accomodation,we all had a great time 2 weeks away from reality no phone or internet.
that was 3 weeks ago the last 3 weeks have been busy with school concerts, swimming lessons and christmas shopping which is all done and wrapped. Today being the last day of school means that tomorrow we will have no routine, no yelling get up, get dressed,have breakfast,get your bag packed and HURRY UP!!! So...what have been up to crafty wise well not much scrapping happening here but lots of sewing love it at the moment this is what i have come up with since we got back from our trip.
Fairie Noelle by Country keepsakes

Ellie the elephant by Melly and Me

Not the best photo's but couldn't take a decent one today
Will be altering the fairie a little and turning it into a princess/ballerina fairy for my niece for christmas....will sahre when done.

Well happy Crafting and Merry Cristmas to all if I don't return before hand.

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Samantha Hauzer said...

Don't you just love the school holidays? We are having lots of lazy days at the moment. I LOVE your sewing creations! You are so clever, I'd be scared to even attempt anything like that!