Thankyou and the cupboard the dad built!

First and for most a Big Thank you to all the lovely ladies that left comments on my last post it just makes my day to read them....I wanted to thank every one individually but blogger is giving me a hard time it won't allow me to post comments on blogs where to comments are to be left at the bottom of the post but it will if it's a pop out screen or if it's the sort that you write the comment on the side if that makes sense. Can anyone help with this problem????? So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

My dad built me a new cupboard to go in my scrap space, my scrap space is a corner of our lounge room which is huge by the way. My space lacked suitable shelving so a phone call to our local builing supplier got me some cover sheets of melamine sheeting which is what they use on the out side of the pallet when transporting bulk lots from the producer to the store. so $30 later and some nagging on my part my dad got to work, last week dad finished it and delivered it.Here's a quick pic, mind you it has changed a bit since trying to fit things in the way that it will work for me.
So happy with it!!

Happy Crafting


Tracey said...

Hi Maria........ What a great cupboard, you can certainly store heaps of supplies in it.
About leaving comments......I have found if you untick the stay signed in box you can leave comments.....I hope this helps. I was having heaps of issues too , this has worked for me.

Kate said...

this is fantastic!!! i want one!

Jodie said...

I am having the same problem with blogger but only in IE - in firefox I'm fine.