Well we have had a wirlwind few weeks here, just over a week ago hubby applied for a new job, last week he had an interview and found out he had the job(this happened within a few days of applying). The condition of this new job is that we will have to move and live on site ...so with that we are packing up our family home and shifting 40km from town. Oh my!! the work involved with moving and I've just started , the last time we moved was over 10 years ago, we were just married and didn't own much and had no children. Oh and I forgot to mention I didn't have a scrapbooking obsession. I have just spent the last 2 days going through my STUFF and have not yet scratched the surface...HHHMMMM!! so it's cleanup and throw out time !!

So things will be a bit quiet around here while we relocate, see you all on the other end of this move!! :)
Happy Crafting

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Tracey said...

Good luck with the move Maria.....it is amazing how much stuff you collect over the years!