Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Still waiting for bub number 4 to arrive.... I am now officially 5 days over due and getting rather impatient!!!! I should be used to it all my babies have been late.
In the mean time this is what I have been doing.....
made a runner for the side board then decided I needed one for the table and buffet & hutch so I am now working on those....Riley Blake fabric

and Miss 2 sneaking some batter whilst trying to make cup cakes....she is growing up too quick!!
(back ground shows the reality of our household)
really trying to get back into scrapbooking ....it will happen!!
Any tips on using Gesso on layouts.....really want to give it a go.
Ok will leave it there...Hubby spilt beer on the keyboard and it is now giving me the you know whats!!
Hopefully will have some news shortly!
Happy Crafting

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Kate said...

oh cant wait to hear about the baby's arrival Maria. Both my girls were overdue too. Its the pits!! Love the runners you made, they are so fun and bright and lovely :) with gesso- less is more!!