Stitch or two

This weeks crafty persuits saw me making some skirts for Miss2 I used the Oliver S pattern from here. Have one more cut and ready to stitch.Hopefully I will find some time this weekend to finish it so I can pack away the overlocker and do some scrapbooking.

This was the view from the dinning room window this morning the kids put out some old bread for the magpies yesterday, we had 3 birds feeding this morning. We feed the magpies in the hope that won't feel threatened by us and won't attack the kids when they are out riding their bikes or playing. so far this has worked :) 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend
Happy Crafting


Kate said...

they are gorgeous skirts!! I wish i could do stuff like that :( xx

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Pretty skirts!!! :D