December.....Where have you gone??

Photo heavy...
We have had alot on this month like most other families...... a boy who is nearly 4months old now, a tree to put up, teachers gifts to make, a band performance at our town festival, a girl who was 3 and a big fan of Peppa Pig!!  A christmas angel at our school christmas assembly not to mention 2 presentaion nights, a flute concert and numerous christmas parties. Tonight we sit while watching carols on TV and enjoy the wonderful smells coming from the oven, a fruit cake for Granma, we eagerly await the arrival of Santa....3 more sleeps :)

To all a safe and happy Christmas / holidays &
Happy Crafting


Tracey said...

Happy New Year Maria...wonderful photos of your children. Love your crafty creations!

Naomi Ellis said...

Hi Maria, Thanks for dropping by my blog to say Hi! Love the family pictures and you sure are creative! N x