Road Trip

Last weekend saw us travel to Sydney with a stop in Canberra for the Craft and Quilt Fair of course!!! We set out for Canberra on Friday morning only to notice before we left town that we had a puncture in one of our tyres... luckily we were just around the corner from the tyre shop. it was a very long trip but my Darlings coped very well. We arrived in Sydney to a home cooked meal by my Grandmother. Followed by lots of shopping on Saturday and a visit to the Cemetry on Sunday..last weekend also marked the last time I saw my Granddad alive(2 years ago)...so sad...

On a lighter note here is a lovely photo of my girls with their Great Grandmother..they just adore her.

No crafting happening here at the moment just can't get my head around it. Have some projects planned for the weekend starting with a new pair of school pants for Miss Steph, A skirt for Miss Victoria and some scrapbooking if i get time..that mojo better come back sooooon.

My soon to be new toy

put this machine on layby this week will be great when i get to use it...I currently have an old Singer that is circa 40 years old,that got handed to me by hubby's grandad before he passed ...it has had a lot of use and alot of sentiment.

Will leave it there going to tidy my craft area ready to Get Crafty. Have a great weekend all...

Happy Crafting



Samantha said...

That's so sad about your Grandad...

Nice that you got to spend the weekend visiting your family though. That photo of your girls with their great grandmother is precious, I'm sure they will treasure that in years to come. And lucky you, getting a new sewing machine!!

Hope you get a chance to get crafty this weekend!

Nikki xx said...

What a beautiful photo of your girls with your Gran. I'm sure it will make a heartfelt keepsake for them. Look forward to seeing it in a beautiful layout :)