The SUN is finally out...it has been windy, cold and wet for the past week real miserable winter weather.

Not much creating happening here.
But I must mention something I forgot to mention in my last blog...the buttons used on my layout were from the lovely Sam at Purple Pumpkin...you can find her link in the side bar still having trouble adding links to my posts.

Also a while back Sam sent me this

So here are 5 things you might not know about me

1.I don't really like to start projects that are going to take more than an afternoon or weekend to do as I get bored.

2.I love all things pretty especially flowers on my pages.

3.I buy way too many scrap supplies that I may never use...(don't we all)

4.I don't like the hot weather (40C heat does not agree with me)

5.I really really really do not like HOUSEWORK!!!

Have a great weekend all
Happy Crafting


P.S I went out and bought another metre of fabric to make those school pants for Miss Steph and YAY I managed to get them right.

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